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Legal services related to the International Private/Business Law

- Legal advises on International Private and Business law ;

- Legal advises on Serbian law / Criminal law, Labour law, Civil law, Business, Family law/ ;

- Presentations, Comparison and Information of legal procedures in Serbia and foreign countries with regard of International Private law/ Business law;

- Interpretation and Comparison of Litigation procedures before courts and arbitration;

- Preparations of Authorizations letters, contracts and agreements for various purposes;

- Information about Job Market in Canada, Australia, EU countries and assessment of qualifications, credential recognition before appropriate authorities;

- Information about legal aspects of doing business in foreign counties;

- Preparation of business plans, articles of incorporation, agreements and contracts, feasibility studies;

- Interpretation of employment requirements in Canada, Australia and EU countries and Comparison with Serbian legal standards;

- Instructions for translation of personal data and documents. Adjustment to the English particularity;

- Information and advice on settlement and integration programs and institutions;

- Legal preparation of documents ;

- Contacts with Governmental and Non-governmental organizations and institutions;

- Contact with banks and financial institutions;

- Representation before courts, arbitration and administrative offices/where is permitted/ in various matters.

* The Law Office of Zoran M.Kostic is providing advises, counseling and assistance only in the above legal matters.

* The Law Office of Zoran M.Kostic strongly supports the rule of law in all jurisdictions and is acting strictly in accordance to the International Law principals, in accordance to the provisions of bilateral and multilateral conventions, domestic and foreign regulations and postulates.

 Explicit disclaimer:

The Law Office of Zoran M.Kostic is not providing advice, counseling on Canadian Immigration regulations and neither represents or assists clients before CIC, the CBSA or the IRB at any stage of Immigration procedure.

The Law Office of Zoran M. Kostic is not acting as a placement/employment agency and is not charging the placement fee.

The fee we charge is the fee for the above mentioned legal services and in accordance to the Serbian Bar Tariffs.


Since our office is globally orientated, the unique Private Client Service which we offer, tailored to satisfy the needs of our clients, to resolve a wide range of legal problems, to guide them through the complicity of administrative procedures in and out of country, became the helpful and logical solution for people with dual or multiple citizenships or International companies, trust and foundations.

In our work so far, we have gained the reputation of being successful in helping International companies, trusts, foundations to establish a solid legal grounds for future developments and competitive presence on the world business stage.

We also helped individuals and their families to manage and solve their business and personal affairs in ex-Yu Republics, Canada, USA, Australia and EU.

We offer a top-class wealth management service to clients in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, USA, EU through our head office in Belgrade and corresponding – partner’s offices in Canada, USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland and England.

Our experience taught us that each of our clients has its own demands, ideas, concerns, obligations and responsibilities and that we must adjust and personalize our approach in order to answer and resolve the issue and provide a quality services and comprehensive support on the way.

Private Client Service is a modus for a long-term trustworthy cooperation with our clients.

We can help you with everything, from local and international tax planning, pensions, wealth management, to distribution and protection of inheritance, preparation of wills and donations, probate/probate disputes/ and administration of estate, structuring and restructuring of businesses, trusts and foundations and representation before courts and administrative bodies.

Simple Retainer Agreement:



Kondina 24/3

Belgrade 11000, Serbia

Tel. 381 11 322-44-56 and 381-64-216-8789

e-mail >


I _______________________,of the City of ______________,address________________, hereby retain The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic as my counselor:

1. To advise me as on legal issues on my request/ Serbian Law and particular provisions in International Private and Business Law;

2. To advise me on the business issues on my request;

3. To assist me in the preparation /translation of documents;

4. To make representation before business associations, banks and financial institutions on my behalf;

5. To make representations, if required and allowed before appropriate legal authorities;

6. To advise me as to appropriate _______________________________________

AND I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that in (Canadian)Immigration matter if it is related to this retainer, The Law Office of Zoran M.Kostic will only translate/interpret information already publicized by the Canadian government without providing advises, counseling and without making representation on my behalf before CIC, the CBSA or the IRB at any stage of Immigration procedure.

I ALSO ACKNOWLEDGE that The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic will :

- advice me on the settlement issues, such as housing, job market, occupation requirements, certification and licensing, banking, schooling, medicare, insurance and opportunities for doing business in Canada and Europe;

- advise me and if agreed upon help me to find apartment or house to rent or buy in Canada;

- advice me “How to establish and maintain good credit history in Canada ” and how to adjust properly to the Canadian environment;

- select and personally translate or recommend official court translation of my documents and letters;

- prepare me and my family for various Interviews and negotiations/job interviews, bank interviews, business negotiations / IELTS test and TEF test;

- draft various types of contracts and agreements;

I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that all information which I may provide to above mentioned counselor are truthful, accurate and that any inaccuracies with respect to same may seriously affect the approval of my request .

I ACKNOWLEDGE that The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic reserves the right to rescind and revoke this retainer at any time if the information given to either The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic or legal authorities is found to be untruthful, misleading or false, or if any account rendered by The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic remains unpaid. It is also understood that should any of the information that I have provided to The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic prove to be inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete, this could seriously and adversely affect the approval of my request.

I AGREE to inform The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic of any communication received from the legal authorities where the request is filed and to provide them with any changes in information.

I AGREE to pay The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic directly in cash, by certified cheque, money order, bank transfer and I further agree to pay all outstanding fees and disbursements where applicable, incurred on my file if this agreement is terminated. I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions of payment :

Initial non-refundable deposit ____________________

(Upon signing of the Retainer)  

Second payment

(Acknowledgment of the Receipt of the Request) _____________________

Third payment

(upon the issuance of the requested decree) ______________________

TOTAL : _____________________                                    

Payments must be made in Dinars or converted to Dinars according to the official rate of exchange of "“Narodna Banka Srbije".

In case of my voluntarily termination of the agreement I AGREE to pay The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic an outstanding additional phase rate, together whit interest.

I acknowledge receipt of a copy of this retainer.

Dated at _____________ this day of ______________ .

NOTE: Any questions concerning the provision of this retainer - agreement should be addressed to The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic before signing this agreement.


( client's signature)

ADDRESS:                ________________________

TEL:                           ________________________

IDENTITY CARD:   ________________________

ISSUED:                    ________________________

The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic has undertaken by this agreement, TO

Provide services, stipulated and referred above to the client : _______________________ from ______________________________________________________________________________


The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic agrees to act on Mr. Mrs. Miss _________________________ behalf as a counselor with respect to all above mentioned aspects relating to his / her legal request and to conduct such matter in full respect.


The Law office of Zoran M. Kostic

*Authorities mean in this agreement any legal body anywhere where the assistance and representations by the counselors registered at Serbian Bar are permitted.

Advokat / Attorney at law - Zoran M.Kostic


Zoran M.Kostic

Kondina 24

Beograd, 11000

Tel. +381-11-322-4456


Mob. +381-64-216-8789



- Pitanja nasledstva u zemlji i inostranstvu

- Restistucije(povracaj oduzete imovine)

- Razvod braka u zemlji i inostranstvu

- Pravno uredjenje Izdrzavanja supruznika, dece

- Priznanje i izvrsenje stranih sudskih odluka

- Priznanje i izvrsenje domacih sudskih odluka u inostranstvu

- Zastupanje pred medjunarodnim sudovima- Evropskim sudom za ljudska prava u Strazburu

- Analiza strukovnih profila saglasno domacem zakonu o radu, zakonu o obrazovanju, Nomenklaturi zanimanja i sistematizaciji radnih mesta i usaglasavanje istih sa normativima za priznavanje kvalifikacija u stranim zemljama

- Uporedno pravni pregled kolizionih normi u oblasti rada i radnih odnosa, braka i porodice, priznanja i izvrsenja stranih sudskih i arbitraznih odluka, privrednih i ekonomskih odnosa

- Pravni saveti i instrukcije u domenu Medjunarodnog privatnog i Medjunarodnog poslovnog prava

- Zastupanja pred domacim sudovima i upravnim organima

- Zastupanje pred medjunarodnim izabranim sudovima i arbitrazama

Povezivanje srpskih i kanadskih firmi / otpocinjanje biznisa - Kanadski poslovni servis

Registracija firmi, predstavnistva u Kanadi/ Srbiji

Provera Boniteta domacih/stranih firmi

Kupovina nekretnina u Kanadi/ Srbiji/ Americi

Resavanje sporova domacih i stranih firmi

Zakljucivanje svih vrsta Medjunarodnih ugovora i pracenje njihovog izvrsenja

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